Frequently Asked Questions by Schools

What if only a small number of our Parents join School News Channel. Can our school send absence SMS to all Parents for free?
Yes. For the purposes of a uniform school communication policy, you can send attendance notification SMS for free – even to non–paying parents. However, the system will gently and politely encourage non–paying parents to join and subscribe to the service and support your school and community.

Can we send an emergency SMS to all parents, even if they’re not subscribers.
Yes, SNC allows you to override settings to send an emergency SMS to all Parents at any time.

We currently use MGM messageyou and Outreach systems - can we use SNC?
Yes. MGM can change your school to School News Channel at any time - contact MGM.

We like SMS for our school - but we don’t want our parents to pay.
That’s OK – your school can choose to pay for the system and SMS messages - contact MGM.

We're not confident in our current Roll marking procedures. By using School News Channel - we fear embarrassing our school by sending inaccurate messages to Parents.
This is a very common situation faced by most schools we work with. As part of the free implementation service, MGM expert consultants will review your roll marking procedures, recomment & implement improvements and train your teachers and staff to ensure your roll marking processes are accurate and ready for SMS messaging.

Our school doesn’t use an Electronic Roll marking System
That’s OK - MGM can provide you with our Rollmaker Student Management System as part of the service.

More question?
Please fill in the question form at the bottom and we will try and answer all you question as quickly as possible, alternatively you can contact us.

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