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School News Channel™ enables Parents to activate and pay for their SMS service from your School online. They pay for the service through Paypal, Credit Card or charged directly to their personal mobile phone account. They can select 2 service types – Family Link for all services or Safety Link for attendance SMS only. These fees, together with MGM financial backing and support, fund the cost of the system for your school. More Questions?

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  2. MGM installs messageyou™ and Outreach™, attendance and social SMS Solutions, plus Smartsync™, a “plug–in” to interface to your existing Student Management or Roll marking System. This will enable instant access to your current parent contact details and automated attendance SMS.
  3. Training on Best Practice Attendance management for your School Leadership and Administration Staff is provided by MGM consultants on–line. You will be operational within 21 days of signing up.

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School News Channel is from MGM Wireless, the leader in Schools SMS communication. Over 800 Australian Schools use MGM SMS solutions every day.

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